Friday 11 November 2016

Friendly Friday: November 11th

Grade 9 students made our mission and values just ten minutes

Can visual note-taking preserve learning? Can we design learning experiences which students can return to for exam prep or reflection?


Visual note taking is not just about the notes.  It is often about the conversation learners need to have in order to generate the notes.  How do we capture that?

Here's an example of two of my former students annotating their visual note guide for preparing for an internal assessment:

Can visual note-taking be social? Can this allow students to collaborate in meaningful ways?

Absolutely.  Here's a quick look at 'visual note murals':

Can visual note-taking be used as a provocation for new units?

Have a look at what grade 9 Global Perspectives students did in Georgina's class for an introduction to Popular Culture:

Can visual note-taking improve results and help foster focus and well being?

Schedule a meeting with a DLC and ask for help facilitating it in a lesson to find out.
Ask a DLC to workshop with your team/department and try it out during a meeting.
Start with this recourse courtesy of Rob Dimeo who kindly gave us permission to use it in a recent PSE workshop.

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