Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Introducing the Spacebusters

Looking to revamp your learning space?

If you've been following our Flipboard of resources, or you are just curious about having a fresh look at your classroom, this post is for you. Classroom redesign is not something you need to 'go alone.' What if we saw your space as an opportunity to learn together?

"Teamwork" via Flick taken by Quinn Dombrowski

What does a collaborative classroom makeover involve?

Click here to learn about our process, and listen to this podcast to push your thinking. Consult a coach today to start your audit. DLCs love to think about the ways our digital and physical spaces can come together.  We'd love to think about that with you, so leave a comment here if you'd like us to schedule an appointment to spacebust with you.
"Stay puft marshmellow man" via Flickr by clement127

Monday, 27 March 2017

The No-Stress Way to Remove Backgrounds from Images

I love what Photoshop can do with removing backgrounds from images, but it is complicated to use, and not available on the iPad. I wanted something that even our youngest students could use to level-up the quality of their Book Creator books.

Thankfully, my colleague Dave Caleb discovered the iPad app Photoshop Mix. This incredibly easy-to-use app makes removing backgrounds from images a breeze.

Photoshop Mix requires users to create an Adobe ID, so for our under 13s, we use a class or grade level account to log in. You only need to log in once, then the app remembers your details.

Below is a tutorial which shows you how easy it is to remove backgrounds using Photoshop Mix, and add the exported image into Book Creator, so you can make really professional looking books, in the style of DK Find Out.

Photoshop Mix for Removing the Background of Images from UWC South East Asia on Vimeo.

You can also use Photoshop Mix to blend images or change the opacity of an image - more features which would work well in combination with Book Creator.

Digital Bytes - 27th March, 2017

Digital Breakouts with Google Sites

Breakout EDU is a fantastic way for students to work together to solve a series of challenges. Many of our teachers and students have participated in Breakout and we have even created our own for specific units.
Tom Mullaney created a template so you can create your own digital breakout locks in Google slides. It a another excellent way to experience breakout. It a another excellent way to experience breakout.

Toontastic App

This fantastic free app from Google allows you to quickly and easily tell stories in a beautiful animated format. It is similar to Puppet Pals but so much better.
You can draw your own characters or choose from the many characters supplied with the app. The animation is incredible and users are even provided with a story structure to help them tell their story.


Reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete a task is the aim of the app Workflow, which Apple acquired a week ago and subsequently made free.

This blog post shows you some of the ways you can use this app to be more productive in your day.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

If you only download one book from the iBook Store this year...

It should be THIS ONE.

The Joy of Professional Learning is an absolute goldmine.

The free to download text comes with 16 ideas for tailoring learning experiences depending on the time and space you have.  The text has been compiled by Apple Distinguished Educators like Kurt Klynen, and Cheryl Davis amongst many others.

The last chapter curates follow up resources, like this link to podcasts which focus on professional development.

The book is an excellent resource not only for teachers teaching teachers, but their ideas can also be adapted to use at any grade level.  

Free to use courtesy of Pexels

Looking for other amazing free to download resources?

Check out a few of our in-house authored texts, like Keri-Lee Beasley's great read on Design Secrets or Dave Caleb's gorgeous look at photography skill sets for any photog. 

Interested in curating your own text using iBook Author? 

See a coach today to talk about how.

Free to use Courtesy of Pexels