Thursday, 26 January 2012

iPads in K1

“…joy in life doesn’t usually come in long stretches for hours at a time, month after month, year after year . . . but in moments.”
- unknown

K1 HKi used the iPads to take photographs as we went on a number hunt around our school. We found lots of numbers in our environment:

 "Look, on the microwave!"

 "Teachers use numbers too!"

 "5 Jembahs"

 "1 dragon!"

We used our photographs to make a number line for their K1 classroom:

The expectations we were working towards:
- use a digital device to create a visual piece of work, with the support of an adult
- use a digital tool to collect and visualize data
- with teacher support, identify steps to take to complete a given task using a digital tool

Things I learned during this lesson:
- the iPads are heavy and a bit hard for the K1s to hold and press the shutter to take a photo. Changing to iPod Touch should solve this problem
- we need to have a chat before starting about the important things to remember when taking photos - #1 Stand Still!
- it is so much more fun (not to mention the connections being made) when a different teacher opens up their classroom for us, Ms. Imogen helped us find numbers in the music room and that was the favourite place to take photos.


  1. Very nice outline. Are they using the # line to solve problems?

    1. We're hoping this will be a natural follow on from the activity. We like replacing teacher-created content with student-generated content. Thanks for your comment :)